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massif du Sancy.

the Sancy massif is above all their story. Long before their meeting, they discovered this place during their tender youth in the early 90s, she in winter at the Auberge du Guéry with the family to discover the joys of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and other winter activities, and him in summer to escape the heat waves of Montpellier on the heights of Bourboule to accompany his big brother in the famous thermal cures.

A few years later, here she is back to work at INRA in Theix. It was from there that they fell in love with this region.

We let you discover the TOP 10 of our favorite places on the massif ...

Lac de Guéry and its plateau: come and discover this sublime place in winter and summer, a mix between a Canadian atmosphere and the Mongolian plains.

to see: the lake, the cap guery center (cabanage, Terra Alta circuit), the plateau with the hike to Banne d'Ordanche

The Chaudefour Valley, which can easily be called "French Yosemite".

A simply magical place, you can park at the entrance to the nature reserve where a buron will await you for lunch after having toured this real circus in the heart of the massif.

to see: the sparkling water source, the doe waterfall, admire the climbers on the crest of the rooster or the tooth of the grudge. It is also a way to reach the ridges of Sancy.

Buron de la Croix Saint-Robert, without hesitation our favorite buron of the massif. Perched at an altitude of 1300m, Sandra and Raphaël welcome you to their inn, ideal for a truffade accompanied by a glass of red.

to know: accessible by car or even better via a 2 hour hike from Chambon sur Lac or from Mont-Dore

The Capucin hike to Sancy. Departure on the heights of Mont-Dore to take the direction of Puy de Cliergue where we advise you to take a picnic break with a splendid view of the surrounding peaks, then you will continue to the highest point of the region at nearly 1900m from altitude: Puy de Sancy.

little advice: if possible leave a car in the Capuchin car park and another in the car park at the ski resort at the foot of Puy de Sancy.

The castle of Murol, a real return to the Middle Ages, this castle which dominates the town welcomes you all year round, various activities are available for young and old.

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The Pertuyzat site for cross-country skiing or hiking, breathtaking landscapes in winter and summer just above the very famous volcanic lake "le Pavin" with its more than 90 meters deep.

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On the edge of the massif, we recommend hiking the Puy de la Vache and Lassolas, a West American atmosphere through these two ancient volcanoes.

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The village of Besse, a true medieval city. Don't hesitate to get lost in the maze of its small streets.

to see, to do: many souvenir shops, regional products, ski museum, special mention for the restaurant La Souillarde.

The hike from the Col de la Croix Morand, a sublime viewpoint awaits you at the top of Puy de la Tâche. For the bravest you can continue the discovery further along the ridges which join the Col de la Croix Saint-Robert.

to do: the buron du col ideal for a truffade on the terrace in summer

On the other side of the massif, you will find the Lac de Servières. We advise you to go there at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset while sipping a small aperitif on the banks of the lake.

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