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Picherande is the European capital of gentian, +/- 400 picherandaises and picherandais live in the village year-round.

At the foot of the Sancy, the village enjoys a unique view of the southern slope of the massif. Only 10 minutes from the foot of the Superbesse alpine ski slopes, ideal for an authentic mountain experience.


Below are some addresses that we were able to test.



  • 2 ski rental companies / Rouchon Sports & Cap Sancy lift ticket sales

    • for lovers of skiing and other mountain sports, two signs are available within a 10-minute walk from the house. Rental of skis, sleds, fishing articles ... as well as a boutique section which sells outdoor clothing of all brands for your pleasure.


  • AJ Service Station / Grocery / Hardware Store Sancy

    • at the western entrance to the village, this is a place where you can refuel all year round. It is a real Ali Baba cave, you will find hardware items (bolts, screws, boots, agricultural equipment) as well as a grocery store containing all regional and other products.


  • Tobacco shop Press / souvenirs Mme Guittard

    • for lovers of daily presses, you will find what you are looking for! The regional newspaper is called "La Montagne". There is also a choice of souvenirs for young and old.


  • Butcher / Delicatessen Mr & Mme Faure

    • you will feast on quality local meats for your summer barbecues or cold meats for your picnics while hiking or on the slopes. A catering section where you can order stuffed tomatoes and cabbage, real traditional dishes of the region.


  • Bakery Les Délices de Mateo

    • to enhance your breakfasts with pastries and other delicacies, this place is perfect for starting the day; don't wake up too late if you want choice!


  • Brasserie Gaïa (local beer)

    • THE beer of the village and the massif, to test absolutely, there is something for everyone.


  • Ravel's farm

    • essential place for cheese lovers and especially Saint-Nectaire or fresh tome, close to the village by bike or car!





  • Creperie Chez La Jeanne

    • Valérie welcomes you to her family crêperie at the western entrance to the village. A veritable institution on the massif, the "pumps", as they are called here, are made from whey of Saint-Nectaire; we advise you to accompany them with jam, and you will have the pleasure of having a whole platter with a dozen homemade jams.

Nothing better to share a snack with friends or family, to taste on the spot or to take away!


  • Taraffet Inn

    • THE truffle not to be missed in the hamlet of Chareire! Typical Auvergnate inn, Emilie and her team will warmly welcome you winter and summer. Remember to reserve your dishes at least 48 hours in advance.

Special mention if you can have lunch in the summer in the small meadow behind the hostel.


  • Restaurant Central Hotel

    • Hotel / Restaurant in Picherande, a gastronomic address that we highly recommend, also remember to book.


  • Bar / Restaurant l'Ecir

    • If you want to eat during the week at midday, Ginette will make you taste her small dishes according to her desires of the day (truffade, blanquette, lasagna, roasted chicken ...) in a very local family atmosphere.





  • Alpine skiing 10 minutes away (Superbesse)

    • access to the slopes is fast from Picherande, the road which passes by the Geneste pass will lead you directly to the parking lot at the foot of the slopes.


  • Cross-country skiing (winter and summer on roulette)

    • there are cross-country ski trails which start from the Gayme lake at the top of the village, but also from Chareire, a small hamlet 1.5 km from the house.


  • Ski touring on the southern slope of Sancy

    • if you are not used to it, we advise you to contact a professional who will accompany you on this adventure on the pristine slopes of Sancy.


  • Snowshoeing

    • just like cross-country skiing departures from the village, or from Chareire.


  • Hiking

    • the famous GR30 (tour of the lakes of Auvergne) passes in front of the house. You are lucky to have many hikes near the village: glacial valley of the salt fountain, the Puy du Sancy, Chaudefour valley, and many others ...


  • Mountain biking

    • many mountain biking trails also start from the Chareire site.


  • Many walks around the lakes of the town

    • For a digestive stroll what could be better than going around the Gayme lake just 10 minutes walk from the house.

    • another lake is famous in the town, that of Chauvet reputed to have welcomed different Presidents of the Republic during lunches in the keeper's house.




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